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Beleef en ervaar het verschil met geurmarketing

What we have done for AS Adventure

A.S.Adventure wants to inspire with its specialized knowledge the Active adventurer. In an environment where experience, quality products, a personal service and client expectations determine a unique shopping experience.

Since A.S. Adventure gives extra attention to the experience of the shop visitor, they integrate all possible senses at their sales points.

We have given them a tailor-made advice for integrating fragrances Department by Department. At the entrance we have chosen for a rainforest scent. At the walking shoes on the other hand, you can smell the flower meadow in the mountains, at the ski equipment you snuff the air of the snowy mountains, and in the women’s fashion department a women’s perfume is diffused.

At the tree house you can smell the natural wood of a real mountain cabin. In this way, each customer does not only see another Department, he experiences this also with its nose which increases the familiarity. These fragrances are subtle, but increase the pleasure of a shop visit. You see, hear and smell the adventure!

The stores of AS Adventure have an extra dimension, you now also intensively smell the adventure.


A.S. Adventure gets a lot of positive feedback from their customers. The stores have an extra dimension with the result that the reminder value of a visit becomes bigger. The fidelity is stronger now and therefore there has been a significant increase in the strength of the brand.

What we have used

Ecoscent R2


Rain forest, wildflower meadow, wood, ladies perfume


Air in the snowy mountains


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