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What we have done

The Casino Concert Hall in Sint-Niklaas is, since September 2011, the Central concert hall between Antwerp, Ghent and Brussels. The historic building (built in 1850) was renovated extensively in 2009-2011 to become a modern music temple, but also designed as a multipurpose and multifunctional hall for a variety of (private) public activities: concerts, company parties, (product) performances, debates, colloquiums, seminars, film, meetings, balls, parties, weddings, banquets, buffets, receptions, fairs, … Each event will get its own fragrance to create a unique and unforgettable experience.

If it is for a jazz festival or a theatre performance, every organization can choose from multiple fragrance experiences. In this way, each event becomes memorable.


When there is a wedding party the morning after a Jazz Festival, there are no longer remaining smells of that Festival. Furthermore, during this wedding party a specific pleasant smell can be diffused according to the choice of the customer. The variety of possibilities for renting the building are numerous now.

What we have used

Ecoscent R2


Scents to be chosen by their clients


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