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What we have done at Kaffee the Planck

Forget the daily grind, come and relax in the warmly decorated pub or on the wide Sun terrace of The Planck Kaffee. In the mood for a party game with friends? Lovers of chess or other games, at The Planck Kaffee you will always have fun. They provide pleasant atmosphere music, which, depending on the time of day, can range from blues and soul to reggae and rock.

The strongly pronounced wooden Interior calls therefore for an extra atmosphere experience. For this, Kaffee The Planck chose for the fragrance of the precious cedar wood. This scent is perfect in this nostalgic kaffee where atmosphere, ambiance, cosiness and a warm welcome are crucial.

The strongly pronounced wooden Interior is accompanied by the fragrance of the precious cedar wood.


A strong atmosphere experience with the smell of cedar wood attracts more people, ambiance and a loyal audience.

What we have used for Kaffee de Planck?

Aerostreamer 650


soft scent of cedar


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