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What we have done

The land of ever … It sounds like a fairy tale, and that’s exactly what it’s like in a way. Not only for the people who started the company 18 years ago, but also for the parents who come knocking at the door in Kontich during a very special period in their lives.

Nowadays not less than 20 staff members work day in day out in the company. This is necessary, because they set high standards towards service. They offer a large, but with precision selected, range of quality baby and children’s products. At the same time, they want to earn the confidence of young parents by advising and assisting them on their journey.

This trip must also be pleasant and stimulating, like the journey that their customers will experience with their baby. The 700 m² shop has many corners, departments and areas. These departments are highlighted each individually in their own unique way. Scents plays an important role in this experience. For example, we have proposed the following scents: Vanilla (ice creams), Orange scent (fruit), Summerdream (flowers) and Bamboo (nature) as basic scents. Customers are not only surprised by a beautiful interior, but will never forget the visit because of the unique smell of fragrances that reinforce the interior.

Customers are familiar with the nice experience they encounter when visiting the shop. This increases strongly the number of loyal customers.


Het Land van Ooit has strengthened and confirmed its dominant position as most known and qualitative children’s shop in Antwerp. Customers all know very well how pleasant the shop is which has increased the loyalty of their customers.

What we have used



Vanilla (ice creams)


Orange scent


Flower scent




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