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What we have done

For more than 110 years NEW PARIS LONDRES has been an important player on as well the Belgian as the international fashion market, as a distributor of Shoes and leather articles. They offer more than 100 brands with the best quality and design.

NEW PARIS LONDRES always follows the latest fashion trends with the best value/price ratio. In the shops you only find shoes and leather goods of high quality. The customer’s satisfaction is of the highest value! They wish to emphasize this and to strengthen their brand image. Service, quality, and a trendy collection is what NEW PARIS LONDRES stands for. This is what they want to communicate with all the senses!

In order to strengthen the recognition of the shops, NEW PARIS LONDRES uses a qualitative unisex perfume that stands for elegance, purity and strength.This fragrance is called “tous les jours”.

A quality unisex perfume which stands for purity, elegance and strength.


The many positive comments from customers in all their affiliates confirms every time that this fragrance has a positive influence on the perception of the quality of its products.

What we have used

Ecoscent R2


Elegant unisex perfume that exudes strength and purity


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