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What we have done

Art of fine living, discreet luxury and eye for beauty and quality of the highest level: Customers of Obumex aspire an exquisite lifestyle! Kitchen-and (DEZE ZIN SNAP IK NIET) total establishments of Obumex breathe passion and craftsmanship. Innovative techniques, unique selections of noble materials, harmonious combinations of rich fabrics and furniture collections provide a unique approach. A total tailor-made approach.

As a family business, they offer a warm welcome and create long lasting relationships. This will start with a visit to the showroom. To optimize the reception in the showrooms, we diffuse a warm perfume, based on roses, nutmeg and wood. This sultry fragrance stands for power and is comforting at the same time. It makes people feel warm and friendly which is the ideal basis to start a pleasant relationship with their customers.

Visitors have more fun when walking through the showroom


Visitors have more fun when walking through the showroom. As a result, they receive more visitors and create customer loyalty in an easy way. Moreover this balanced perfume stands for quality, which at the same time reinforces the brands identity.

What we have used



Men perfume based on wood, roses and nutmeg


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