Beleef en ervaar het verschil met geurmarketing

What we have done

The Violette is a cosy wine bar. You can go there for the best wines and beers and an extensive range of gin/tonics. But other drinks and snacks are also available here.

House ‘ The Violette ‘ is located in Diest. In 2003 the building was protected as a monument.

What was our advice to the violette?

To strengthen the atmosphere we have chosen for the fragrance Redwood. This natural perfume is composed of a. o. Rosewood, ylang ylang and orange. The wooden interior is reinforced with this wooden smell, that is softened with flower extracts. The fragrance, in combination with wines, gives a supplementary dimension.This fragrance creates a House of trust where you feel good and wanted.

Violette has created a more loyal clientèle that also stay longer in the wine bar


Every evening, the atmosphere and the ambiance is strengthened. The Olfactive Marketing also offers a highly distinctive character towards other wine bars in the area.

What we have used

Aerostreamer 650


noble wood aroma, mixed with Ylang Ylang and orange


Advice on Olfactive Marketing?

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