What we did
A new bed deserves as much attention as a new car. Bed base, mattress, pillow, comforter ... everything has to be right. That's why Sleepworld has trained sleep consultants in house. People who listen carefully to your wishes and needs. They guide you through the sleep world of SLEEPWORLD. Choosing the right bed deserves extra attention and consideration. To be able to do this in peace and quiet, each Sleepworld is equipped for this purpose. The wonderful smell of freshly washed linen in the Sleepworlds ensure that every customer is immersed in the right atmosphere and ideal state of mind. As a result, the scent marketing Sleepworld has achieved great results. This is the only way to avoid wrong, too quick and/or thoughtless choices. The warm welcome in every store, together with the right atmosphere, ensure a loyal and long-term clientele. The ideal basis for a sustainable qualitative relationship with your customers.
The wonderful smell of freshly washed linens ensure that each client is immersed in the right atmosphere

Result The recognition and "likeability" of Sleepworld has grown significantly, as has the experience of visiting each store. Meanwhile, a large audience knows that at Sleepworld you will be pleasantly received and receive professional advice.
What we used
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