Fragrance experience with a scent machine

It is clear that a pleasant fragrance in a store has a positive impact on customers, as well as on employees. Through a variety of studies surrounding scent marketing, it has itself been proven that there are many more positive effects. Therefore, scent experience using a scent machine is also becoming increasingly popular. The scent experience with a scent machine is a cheap but very effective way to increase sales by 10%, for example.

Optimal fragrance experience stores

The fragrance machine store already provides an unprecedented fragrance experience in stores. The scent experience with a scent machine can be perfectly controlled so that there is always optimal scent marketing. As a result, customers stay longer in the store and a better willingness to buy is created. Not surprisingly, scent marketing in stores is being used more and more.

Targeted scent marketing with fragrance machines

The scent experience with a scent machine in a store must be deliberate and purposeful. ‘Scenting stores’ is done by knowing exactly what kind of customers you have, and it should be clear what objective you have. The fragrance selection in your store is essential. After all, each ingredient you use in your perfume has a different impact on the well-being of your customers. Targeted scent marketing is proven to be highly effective.

smell experience smell machine

What effect does the scent experience have with a scenting machine in stores?

First of all, you want your customers to experience your company or product more positively. The scent experience with a scent machine plays an important role in this. By spreading pleasant fragrances, a customer stays longer in the shop, you can communicate more easily, and the memory value of visits increases. The scent experience with a scent machine will make your customers return to your store faster.

What are the benefits of scenting with a scenting machine?

Many stores try to influence customers’ experience by catering to the various senses. The scent experience has become very important in recent years. The biggest benefits are that scent actually positively influences shopping behavior. And in addition, customers like to come back to the store with a good scent experience. The scent machine plays an essential role here. Because with it you can provide exactly the fragrance experience that provides these benefits.

olfactory experience with a scent machine

Examples of good olfactory experiences in different stores

Of course, the fragrance experience with a fragrance machine has been extensively tested in practice. A great example is a scent machine in the flower department, which emits a delicious floral scent. Flower sales increase as a result. A specific bread smell in the bread department also increases sales by 15 to 30%.

Olfactif marketing in supermarkets

An aroma machine was installed in a supermarket that diffused a coffee scent in the cookie department. After six weeks, the results were incredible: twice as many syrup waffles were sold. And the candy cakes also caused a huge increase in sales.

Fragrance perception in retail

It is important to know that 70% of purchases are decided in the store. Therefore, it helps if a store makes sure it smells good, because this makes us feel good. A practical example is: a vanilla scent at a female clothing store, caused a doubling of sales. It has also been proven that the length of stay increases by more than 15% due to a pleasant smell. All this by using a fragrance machine that provides the optimal fragrance experience.

scent experience in retail stores

Optimal scent experience with a scent machine creates willingness to buy

The scent experience with a scent machine through our scent appliances can lead to as much as 20% more sales. Our fragrance experts will be happy to help you. Would you like to know which scent machines are suitable for your situation, or would you like to know more about the optimal scent experience with a scent machine store? Please contact us.

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