Odor perception cleaning

The right fragrance experience in cleaning has been used for many years. After all, a nice smell is an immediate part of a clean environment. But the right scent marketing in cleaning goes much further than just this benefit. More and more is known about scent marketing which makes it increasingly attractive to make use of it. We are the market leader of scent marketing in Belgium, and are getting more and more different types of customers. Even large and small cleaning companies are discovering what many advantages a good office scent can have.

Now read this article and discover our what scent marketing can do.

We have the best fragrance appliances that provide the best fragrance experience cleaning.

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Does scent perception cleaning work?

Of course, smell during and after cleaning plays an important role. A nice smell after cleaning is associated with a clean environment. The smell experience cleaning is important for the person cleaning, but also for the person working in the building. This applies to offices and studios, but also to stairwells and plumbing. Cleaning does not always leave a nice smell. And it doesn’t last very long anyway. This is why many cleaning companies (as well as just companies) use scent marketing cleaning. Scent marketing cleaning works well if you use the right scent machine and an appropriate scent.

We provide the perfect fragrance experience cleaning

For more than 10 years, we have been the industry leader in scent marketing. Because of this vast experience, we know exactly what scent experience cleaning needs. Our scent experts ensure that the right scent is chosen for each environment. In addition, Scents has several scent machines. All suitable and affordable for the best scent marketing. We look specifically at your situation. This allows us to provide scent experience cleaning 100% to your liking.

Less absenteeism

The right scent makes you feel better and ultimately improves performance. But it has also been proven that scent experience cleaning reduces absenteeism. Not only does the smell provide a pleasant feeling, but the cleaning in itself can also reduce absenteeism. By having good hygiene, there are fewer bacteria in the air. As a result, absenteeism goes down. The combination between proper cleaning and in addition a fragrance machine with an appropriate scent has proven to be very effective. The same goes for less dry air. Our essential fragrance oil can very well contribute to this.

Scientifically proven: scent perception cleaning works

Meanwhile, there are more and more studies on reducing absenteeism. Scented cleaning always comes out positively from these studies as well. Scent marketing works! Would you like to know more about our experience with scent marketing in cleaning? Would you like to try a particular scent or information about our scent devices? Then contact us as soon as possible.

Odor perception cleaning

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