Odor perception hospitality industry

The most modern way of marketing is scent marketing. Through the right scent experience, you can ensure that more sales will come. In fact, it has been proven that as much as 20% more sales can be realized through an optimal fragrance experience. And this certainly applies to the fragrance experience hospitality industry. The scent experts at Scents, market leader of scent marketing in Belgium, can of course tell you all about it. Fragrance marketing hospitality is very successful!

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Odor perception hospitality industry

In what ways does the fragrance experience hospitality industry work?

There are several ways in which the scent experience can be an additional addition in a restaurant or café. After all, it has been proven that scent effectively acts on customers’ emotions. Of course, the foul smell that can also linger in a café is not what you want. The opposite is exactly what you want to cultivate. With the right scent marketing hospitality industry you can ensure that your customers stay longer, but also return. In addition, scent has other positive properties. Below we have listed the three most important applications:

1. Influencing customer behavior.

Scent marketing hospitality industry can have a very good impact on customers. In fact, the right scent marketing hospitality industry can increase sales by as much as 20%. And moreover, repeat customers. Because the right scent can make guests feel ‘at home’ and thus stay longer. The most famous example is of course the smell of coffee. Fragrances offered by our fragrance experts can be based on the smell of coffee combined with some other subtle scents. For every space there is a suitable fragrance to find the best scent experience in the hospitality industry.

2. Use recognition of scents

By using a special scent for the scent experience hospitality industry, people will think back to the place they have been in a positive way. By making the customers relive this through that special scent, you can get very nice results. Essential is for the customers to consciously or unconsciously feel that it smells nice, and thus this gives a pleasant feeling. In this way, the fragrance experience hospitality industry can achieve very nice results.

3. Neutralize foul odors

Anyone who has worked in the hospitality industry knows the foul odors that sometimes guarantee odor nuisance. That is why we have special odor devices that ensure that these foul odors are combated. The odor experience hospitality industry is therefore doubly important. You would like to have a working odor marketing hospitality industry instead of the foul odors. We provide the right deodorization so that everyone can fully enjoy the various catering establishments.

Odor perception in the hospitality industry

Scents provides best scent experience hospitality industry

As the market leader in scent marketing hospitality in Belgium, we know exactly what is right for your hospitality business. Through years of experience in the scent marketing hospitality industry, we can also arrange the best scent device with the right scent for you.

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