What is scent marketing?

What is scent marketing?

Olfactive marketing is part of sensory marketing. a pleasant  odor diffusion can   optimize the customer experience   and the   brand experience  . Through smart  scent marketing customers and   staff will feel more comfortable, which automatically results in longer visits or better performance  .

It has been scientifically proven that a space with a nice fragrance makes people want to stay in the space longer. By using scent marketing, you are welcoming the customer.

Scents in your home also work wonders!

Clever scent marketing works wonders

People start to feel better because of the right scents. This can also make them feel relaxed and calm. Good and smart scent marketing works wonders. Our scent experts are very experienced and can also determine the right scent marketing for you. Smart scent marketing can be aimed at making more sales, but also, for example, at making employees feel better later. Everything is aimed at getting better results.

What is scent marketing to you?

Would you also like to find out what smart scent marketing is for you? Then get in touch with us. Together we can see in what ways scent marketing can play a role for you. This could be for strengthening your brand name and image  . But of course, the scent experience remains   essential.

Fragrances and scents

For scent marketing, you can use a professional fragrance device. A fully automated system that provides perfect scent diffusion. There are more than 850 fragrances to choose from at Scents.

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