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All-in rent

What is an all-in rent formula?

With our all-in rent formula, you rent one or more fragrance appliances for your business at a fixed monthly rate.

This includes the installation, rental and maintenance of the fragrance device as well as the fragrance filling. Scents guarantees 100% satisfaction of your fragrance experience!

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How does the all-in rent formula work?

Our fragrance expert is happy to visit you! Tell us about your brand and vision. Let your nose and our advice guide you and arrive at the ideal fragrance match.

Get your customised fragrance formula. Installation is done by our own in-house technician, he will explain to you the operation of the appliance. We then visit on a regular basis for maintenance and fragrance fillings. So you can enjoy worry-free fragrance experience in your business. If there is still a problem with your fragrance appliance, we will repair it or install a new one.

Can I test the device first?

Yes, we always work with a test month with your chosen fragrance. This means you get to test out the device with your chosen scent(s) for one month.

Can I rent a fragrance appliance for an event?

Yes, Scents offers the possibility of renting fragrance appliances for a shorter period, e.g. for an event or a trade fair. This can be done for both indoor and outdoor locations.

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About scents

Scents has been the market leader in Belgium for more than 15 years. As experts in scent marketing for commercial spaces, we help companies create a pleasant environment for their customers every day.

The Scents team

Our team of fragrance experts is ready to help you choose an appropriate appliance and fragrance for your space(s).

With a permanent team of in-house technicians, Scents always guarantees an optimal fragrance experience.

This is what we do for you


A suitable device

Our scent experts will work with you to see which appliance you need to optimally scent your room(s).

Fragrance choice

We will guide you in choosing a fragrance for your business. You get to choose from our full range.


Our technicians will come and install the device on site and explain to you from A to Z how everything works.

Refill fragrance oil

Depending on your consumption, our technicians will visit on a regular basis to replenish the fragrance oil.


At each visit, our technicians check the device and make sure it is functioning optimally.


Is there still a defect in the device? Then we will repair the device or install a new one.

Our fragrance experts

Thanks to their years of experience, our fragrance experts know immediately which device you need in your business. In addition, they assist you in scent selection. Can’t choose anyway? During your test month, you can try out some fragrances.


Fragrance expert & business manager

Account manager Ines


Fragrance expert Wallonia

Get your customised fragrance formula


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