Fragrance marketing, what is it?

Fragrance marketing is part of the modern marketing strategy of more and more companies. It is part of sensory marketing: marketing that capitalises on people’s 5 senses.

What is olfactive marketing?

Scent marketing, also known as scent experience, is a marketing tool that companies use to enhance customer experience and brand identity. By diffusing fragrance in a room, you create a certain atmosphere. The right choice of fragrance can therefore make people feel comfortable in the store, linking the brand to a positive experience.

How does scent marketing work?

Scents affect people’s behaviour and emotions. They have a direct impact on our mood and have the power to evoke memories and associations. Fragrance marketing harnesses that power of scents to enhance customer experience in commercial spaces. Because a space smells pleasant, people stay in the store longer. Scent marketing also provides brand recognition in addition.

With a fragrance appliance, scent is diffused in the room. This is done in a subtle way so that just enough fragrance is present and customers do not perceive the scent marketing as distracting. The scent and intensity are tuned based on your preferences, the type of case and the size of the room, among other things.

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Olfactory marketing, why?

There are several reasons to use scent marketing in your business. There are many benefits for employees, customers and the company itself. It is also a proven way to differentiate yourself from your competitors. Olfactive marketing is increasing in popularity, but a lot of companies are not yet betting on it. A missed opportunity…

Benefits for companies

As a business, you get a lot of benefits from scent marketing. We list the main benefits for you:

  • Ensures greater customer satisfaction
  • Increases your customers’ loyalty
  • Strengthens your brand identity
  • Improves your brand positioning
  • Increases your turnover

Customer benefits

Of course, there are also benefits to the customer from scent marketing. A pleasant scent makes them feel comfortable and satisfied. It can have a positive impact on their mood, which of course only benefits the company as well.

Happy customers



More turnover

Benefits for employees

Not only are customers’ moods affected, but also those of employees. Certain scents, for example, can also increase concentration. In this way, scent marketing is also used in companies where there is no direct customer contact. It works in the office too!

Olfactive marketing for businesses

If you, as a company, are keen to add scent marketing to your marketing mix, you need an experienced partner. This way, you can be sure that you deploy scent marketing correctly and only reap the benefits. There is a lot involved.

What should you pay attention to if you want to implement scent marketing as a company?

  • Choosing a fragrance appliance: this should be suitable for the area of your space.
  • Scent choice: of course, scent choice is a subjective thing, as not everyone has the same preferences. However, it is important to choose a fragrance that matches your brand identity.
  • Maintaining your fragrance appliance: the fragrance oil you mist needs to be replenished in time. You don’t want to suddenly run out of scent. Also, when there are problems with your device, you need someone to repair or replace it for you.

Examples of scent marketing

Fragrance marketing is used in various sectors. In supermarkets, for example, you can smell the aroma of freshly baked bread in the bread department. This smell reminds us of days gone by, of the hot bakery and the delicious taste of crisp, freshly baked bread. In addition, it induces a feeling of hunger. The combination of these two associations, causes more bread to be bought.

Another well-known example of scent marketing is the use of calming scents in casinos. This makes casino players feel more at ease, fewer discussions arise and players play longer.

Bread department

Fragrance marketing in different sectors

Fragrance marketing in restaurants


Fragrance marketing in shops


Fragrance marketing in hotels


Fragrance marketing in companies

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Advice on olfactif marketing?

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