Experience the difference
with Olfactive Marketing

Experience the difference with Olfactive Marketing




Beleef en ervaar het verschil met geurmarketing

How does Olfactive Marketing work?

Nice fragrances create a nice atmosphere. Thanks to fragrances , your customers stays longer in your shop and are more likely to return!

Fragrances stand for intimacy, sensuality and mystery. Therefore they influence directly the emotions of your consumers. Because of this, fragrances increase the loyalty and preferences for a brand. This influences the perception of your service and appearance.

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Advice & Consultancy

Advice & Consultancy

Decide which fragrance

Decide which fragrance

Install appliances

Install appliances



Our appliances

We give a 2 year warranty on all our appliances. We work exclusively with solid professional appliances with adjustable intensity and operating times that can be programmed according to your specific needs.

We also have some design appliances that fit beautifully in your interior.

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What people are saying about Scents

- I have already used Scents products in retail environments at Media Markt and in office environments as well. In my experience, implementing scent marketing in Media markt has directly led to an increase in sales. The separate area's with different corresponding fragrances kept visitors in store for 15 minutes longer than usual. This caused an increase in impuls purchases and an immediate rise in turnover of 5%.

Diether Claeys

- Ordered everything online, clear answers to any questions, purchased my order, delivered after 5 days exactly like agreed upon! Thank you Scents!

Hans De Vrieze

- Fantastic fragrances, I use Scents products in my clothing store and receive an insane amount of compliments. Very helpful and quick service. Superb!!

Leila Bouzid

- Already 2 years a customer and not a day of regret. Not only is the scent-range plentiful & delicious but the after-sales service is a true example for other companies!

Jurgen Lijcops

- We also make use of fragrances by Scents in the workplace and I can really recommend it. Not just for our clientele, but also for our employees this creates a very pleasant environment.

Annelies Vuye

- We've had the pleasure to experience this at our wedding, scent and memories make a perfect match. I really recommend this, friendly and excellent service!!

Ceulemans Katia

- Great experience for our clients. Enjoyable perfumes which will suprise your customers everytime. Also impeccable after-sales service. Recommended for every business. No HAJP without Scents. 10 stars deserved.

Kristof de Waele

Beleef en ervaar het verschil met geurmarketing


Beleef en ervaar het verschil met geurmarketing

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Beleef en ervaar het verschil met geurmarketing

Still not convinced about Olfactive Marketing?

When you think it is important to have a beautiful interior, adapted music for your target group, a friendly reception, possibly to offer a coffee, then this means that you want to create a nice environment and that you want your customers to remember their visit.

Olfactive Marketing is a necessary link to make this happen. A bad smell for example, kills all your previous efforts. All senses have to be engaged in your customers journey in order to create the best possible experience. So, the most important sense may certainly not be neglected, smell!

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