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Scents Geurmarketing

How does scent marketing work?

Olfactif marketing creates the right atmosphere.
Scents make your customers stay longer and come back faster!

Fragrance equals intimacy, sensuality and mystery. Fragrance marketing therefore plays directly into consumers’ emotions, strengthening loyalty. We use only safe, IFRA-controlled fragrance compositions. Thanks to professional olfactif marketing your appearance and service will be judged more positively.


About Scents Geurmarketing

We consistently work with the highest quality fragrances for better and consistent results.
Thanks to our years of experience, we know better than anyone else which application is ideal for any indoor or outdoor space. With a team of in-house technicians, we ensure that our customers’ olfactif marketing is always optimal.
We provide a tailor-made solution with a heart for fragrances and a passion for what we do.

Discover our All-in rent formula

With our all-in rent formula, you rent one or more fragrance appliances for your business at a fixed monthly rate.

This includes the installation, rental and maintenance of the fragrance device as well as the fragrance filling. Scents guarantees 100% satisfaction of your fragrance experience!

What our clients say

Le Pristine

Scents brings the international atmosphere of Le Pristine Antwerp to life with their fragrance experience. Thanks to their top service and carefully crafted house perfume, in collaboration and on point with SH19, Sergio Herman’s creative Studio, Le Pristine’s identity is subtly blended and diffused through their automatic diffusers that take our guests into the cosmopolitan experience of culinary sophistication and elegance.


The customers are very impressed, which is just another confirmation for me that scent marketing is really important. Thank you!

Hotel Congres Van Der Valk Sélys Liège

Very professional company!
Pleasant fragrances, a salesperson who knows her products, a technician who knows her trade… Rare these days.
I highly recommend it to everyone!

Fine Fleur

Thanks said this fragrance experience, guests feel like they are in a warm envelope on arrival, apart from the interior, food and experience, scent is also central to us.

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