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How does scent marketing work?

Olfactif marketing creates the right atmosphere.
The right perfume make your customers stay longer and come back faster!

Fragrance equals intimacy, sensuality and mystery. Fragrance marketing therefore plays directly into consumers’ emotions, strengthening loyalty. We use only safe, IFRA-controlled fragrance compositions. Thanks to professional olfactif marketing your appearance and service will be judged more positively.


About olfactif marketing with Scents

We consistently work with the highest quality fragrances for better and consistent results.
Thanks to our years of experience, we know better than anyone else which application is ideal for any indoor or outdoor space. With a team of in-house technicians, we ensure that our customers’ olfactif marketing is always optimal.
We always provide a customized solution with a heart for fragrances and a passion for what we do.


Scents offers its customers the most optimal fragrance experience, working exclusively with high quality fragrances and scent devices. We succeed in being a leader and remain in the field of scent marketing. This with a strong eye for societal interests. This is also reflected in our sustainable approach, where we carefully handle raw materials and strive for environmentally friendly solutions.


We want to take fragrance experience to the next level and are constantly looking for innovations in the market. Scents is committed to long-term customer relationships in which our service plays an important role. Thanks to our in-depth expertise and a team of in-house and professional technicians, we ensure that our customers’ fragrance experience is always optimal. With the ultimate goal of making people happy with delicious fragrances.

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