AS Adventure
What we did
A.S.Adventure wants to inspire the active leisure enthusiast with its specialized knowledge and experience. In an environment where experience and quality products are central, personal service and customer expectations are decisive for a unique shopping experience.

Since the shopper's experience is a central feature that A.S.Adventure pays extra attention to, they have already integrated all possible senses into their outlets. We gave them a customized recommendation for integrating scents by department. At the entrance, we chose a rainforest scent. At the mountain shoes, on the other hand, you can smell the floral meadow in the mountains, at the ski equipment you can sniff the air of the snowy mountains, and at the women's fashion, a subtle women's perfume is diffused. At the treehouse, in turn, you can smell the natural wood of a real mountain cabin. In this way, each customer does not see a different department, he also experiences it with his smell which increases recognizability. This olfactory experience is subtle, but increases the pleasure of a store visit. You see, hear and smell the adventure!

The experience store AS Adventure has taken on an extra dimension; you can now effectively smell the adventure.


A.S. Adventure receives very positive feedback from their customers. The experience store par excellence has gained an extra dimension which has increased the memorability of a visit, the loyalty is stronger and, as a result, the strength of the brand has increased considerably.

What we used
Ecoscent R1
Regenwoud, Bloemenweide, Hout, Damesparfum

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