De Gulde Schoen
What did we do?
The luxury hotel "De Gulde Schoen" in the heart of Antwerp really leaves nothing to chance. They take care of your stay down to the smallest details. Besides then having a perfect central location in Antwerp, your stay can only be successful. What was our advice to De Gulde Schoen? To diffuse the atmosphere upon entering and throughout the hotel, we opted for scent diffusion both at the entrance and through the lift shaft. This was the only way to make all floors smell pleasant. The fragrance "Secret Desire" was chosen. This perfume is composed of bergamot, aniseed, cedarwood, mother resin, amber, musk, ... This fragrance is at once soft, fresh and stylish.
De Gulde Schoen has gained a more loyal audience that now stays longer at the wine bar.

Result At De Gulde Schoen, ALL the senses are indulged. They leave nothing to chance. This is precisely why this hotel has been praised by its numerous visitors since its opening in early 2018. There is a "Secret Desire" atmosphere that only the chosen hotel guests can enjoy. Don't miss it.

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