Maasmechelen Village
What we did
Maasmechelen Village has been a household name when it comes to outlet shopping since 2001. The leading and most luxurious brands find their place in this outlet shopping center. Maasmechelen Village is all about experience and optimizing the shopping experience. They do this by stimulating all the senses of their visitors; beautiful surroundings, tasty restaurants and lots of greenery. In short, everything in the same magical style and atmosphere. To complete this picture, of course, an appropriate fragrance experience cannot be missing. Throughout the streets, 6 fragrance appliances are scattered to provide the entire village with one pleasant scent. They chose to spread a seasonal fragrance. So in the summer & spring months they use a fresh, natural and optimistic fragrance with an energetic touch. In the winter months, they choose a warm cozy fragrance. With this, they radiate the same atmosphere on every dimension to offer their visitors the most complete "shopping experience" possible.    
Visitors come back more often because it adds an extra experience to the shopping streets of Maasmechelen Village.

Result Now that the shopping streets of Maasmechelen also stimulate the sense of smell, their range of experiences is complete. Visitors come back more often because the shopping streets of Maasmechelen Village have an additional experience. Not only the beautiful stores and the extensive offer are an attraction, but also the fine pleasant smell makes customers come back more often.

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