Sanglier des Ardennes
What we did
In the heart of Durbuy is the now world-renowned hotel Le Sanglier des Ardennes, owned by the one and only, Marc Coucke. The charms of wonderful Durbuy are carried through to the hotel in every respect. Sanglier has chosen to have his own fragrance developed by the ever stylish Ms. Coucke. To balance the whole of luxury and design with the charming primal Ardennes Chalet atmosphere. They work with 2 fragrances in the different zones. In the beautiful wine cellar, a warm wood scent is diffused. The Mountain Chic-in the rest of the hotel where you imagine yourself in a world of luxury and class .
Combining the perception of luxury with a touch of rustic Ardennes and finding the right balance in this is no easy task. Fragrances play an important role here.

Result Visitors to Sanglier are taken to the best of 2 worlds. Delight in nature by day to enjoy all the comfort and luxury this beautiful hotel has to offer by night.
What we used
Aerostreamer 750
Mountain Chic

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