Fragrance marketing in 2023: 5 common mistakes

Scent marketing may be centuries old, but for many it is still a new technique that must be thoughtfully handled. There is a wide range of fragrance appliances on the market and an even wider range of fragrances. To make the right choice in this, don’t be fooled by sales pitches and myths.


1. A nice looking device is a good device

“Beautiful,” as with other products, does not equal quality. A fragrance diffuser is a mechanical device, so it must be correctly and solidly constructed to function properly. They are a necessary tool for doing scent marketing, and in most cases the scent devices are placed out of sight of the customers. So in that case, a beautiful device has no added value over a less beautiful device. They come in all shapes, forms and sizes. So what should you consider when choosing your device?

  • The power of the pump
  • The programming options
  • The sustainability
  • Electricity consumption
  • The noise level

An overview of our fragrance appliances can be found here.

2. Only natural or essential oils are good

The myth that only natural or essential oils are healthy often finds its existence in aromatherapy. However, scent marketing and aromatherapy do not have much in common. It is very difficult to use essential oils in scent marketing for businesses. You can use these fragrances only if an additional ingredient is added, so that the scent can be correctly and pleasantly diffused. However, this ingredient is not as natural as the pure essential oil. We do have in our assortment some essential fragrances that can be used.

Synthetic fragrances are composed in a lab and must meet the strictest conditions in terms of health and safety. This is why all of our fragrances are IFRA approved. This is the only reference to perfect protection of our health. Many of these synthetic fragrances do rely on essential oils. They are therefore completely safe for health and, unlike essential oils, do not affect our physical health. After all, that is not the point when you want to provide fragrance experiences for your customers.

Because synthetic fragrances are made up of a variety of different ingredients, they can also be more in line with customer preferences and brand identity.


3. Choosing the cheapest option

Comparing apples to apples is very important in this industry. You can compare based on the 5 criteria we cited in point 1. It is also better to choose a nebulizer rather than an atomizing or vaporizing device.

If the unit is very cheap, then the power and quality of the pump is an additional aspect to look at critically. You should also evaluate the cost of a fragrance bottle. It could be that the fragrance bottles that fit in the device from supplier A have a volume of 100 ml and those from supplier B have a volume of 150 ml. In that case, it makes sense that supplier B’s device will be more expensive, but you will also be less likely to need to refill or replace your scent bottle.

The cost also depends on the quality and composition of the fragrance (what % solvents are used). This is because it affects how long a fragrance bottle lasts and, therefore, the cost you have per month. Want to save money and be ecological? Then choose refills of a larger volume. You can then purchase one larger bottle and refill the unit with it as needed.


4. Fragrances of your own making

Making perfumes is a very difficult and delicate business. It is important that this is done by a professional and specialized lab and there are only a few like that in the whole world. The safety standards for producing perfumes are very strict, which is necessary for our health. Smaller, local producers are therefore a risk. Always verify that the company is sufficiently knowledgeable and can demonstrate the necessary certifications for its fragrances.

The best fragrances today are produced in France and Germany.


5. A non-specialized supplier

Few fragrance suppliers are available, especially in Belgium. Therefore, choose a supplier that specializes in the right aspects. A professional scent marketing company works with the best suppliers for both appliances and fragrances. A company that produces its own devices as well as fragrances, while also offering other services, is more likely to fail in one of these areas. So choose a company that offers perfect service and collaborates with other specialized suppliers.

Since scent marketing is still a young marketing technique in Belgium, it is important to work with the right partner who will give you correct and objective information. Scent marketing is a very good marketing technique, but it must be applied correctly. So that means with the right scent and an appropriate device for the situation.

Aftercare is also very important, and a service agreement is the best way to work together for that. Hereby, the seller guarantees the proper functioning of the fragrance device at all times, where there is also always sufficient fragrance. The prices of fragrances and appliances can be far apart, but price should not be the basis for your decision. If you apply the appropriate scent with the right device and have the right intensity of scent, it will bring you much more than those few dollars you spend more or less per month on scent marketing.

Follow your gut feeling, check with one or two of the seller’s references to see if they are satisfied and enter into an agreement that includes a guarantee that the fragrance device will work properly. Above all, think carefully yourself beforehand about what you want to achieve with your business, what values apply in your business and what emotional and real factors determine your appearance. This way you can properly explain what you wish to emphasize in your experience space. This gives the most guarantee of a constructive conversation with your scent marketing company.