AS 370

 68,97 Incl. VAT

The Aerostreamer 370 is easy to use and very compact. The device is ideal to use in your car as it works with motion sensor and activates as soon as you drive the car. Once the unit is put into operation, it will diffuse fragrance for 3 hours. The intensity of the fragrance is adjustable at 3 different amounts which makes the fun device ideal in different environments. From the smaller spaces at your home to your office. Moreover, the device is virtually silent.

Maximum surface area: 15 m²
Scent blottle: 65 ml

Dimensions: 90 mm(H) x 56 mm(D)
Weight: 195 g
Use standing.
Total number of 3 intensities
Rechargeable with USB or battery

Consumption*: 1 scent bottle lasts 2 months on average.
Warranty: 2 years

*Consumption differs per fragrance and depends on the programmed opening times

21 different scents available, 1 65ml fragrance bottle included with purchase.