AS 650 BT Black

The Aerostreamer 650 Bluetooth is a powerful scent device that can be used in rooms up to 150 m². It works by atomisation (electrically controlled). The integrated multifunction timer can be easily and quickly programmed via your smartphone according to the desired hours. You just need to download our application. This device is mainly used in retail shops, office spaces, public buildings, wellness and
fitness rooms.

Maximum surface area: 150 m² Scent bottle: 150 ml

Dimensions: 260 mm (H) x 210 mm (W) x 90 mm (D)
Weight: 2.25 kg
Can be used standing or hanging.
Programmable via smartphone with bluetooth

Consumption*: 1 scent bottle lasts 2 months on average.
Warranty: 2 years

*Consumption differs per fragrance and depends on the programmed opening times