Beleef en ervaar het verschil met geurmarketing

What we have done

With almost 20 years of experience in luxury fashion the Antwerp Verso is an Institute that can no longer be ignored. Started at first as a simple clothing store for men, the Verso shop evolved to a beautiful concept store in a restored 16th century House. The team is passionate about the international style and gives a unique and unforgettable experience to every visitor. Entering the Verso is like entering a completely different world.

The admiration of each visitor comes not only from the beautiful interior, the unique collections or the exceptionally professional sales team, but also by the unique, by Verso, developed perfume. This perfume, which is also for sale, submerges every visitor right in the unique and stylish ambience of the Verso shop. However, if visitors ask if that delicious atmosphere smell is also for sale to use as a body perfume, you also will be positively surprised. The sale of the perfume has had a strong boost since then.

Not only the sale of the perfume has increased, but also the image of Verso towards possible competitors has been positively reinforced.


Not only the sale of the perfume has increased, but also Verso, as a store, has distinguished itself again from other players in this market with this unique marketing tool. This is again another topic for people to talk about the brand, namely the atmosphere smell is also for sale as a perfume. The brand became stronger again.

What we have used

Ecoscent R2


own perfume converted to an ambience aroma


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