What we did
With nearly 20 years of experience in luxury fashion, Antwerp's Verso is an institution that can no longer be ignored. Beginning as a men's clothing store, Verso has evolved into an extremely beautiful concept store in a 16th century restored home. The team is passionate about international style and gives a unique and unforgettable experience to each visitor. Walking into Verso is like entering a completely different world. Every visitor's amazement comes not only from the beautiful interior, the unique collections for sale or the exceptionally professional sales team, but also from the perfume uniquely developed by Verso. This perfume, which is also for sale, immediately immerses each visitor in the unique and stylish atmosphere of the Verso shop. However, if visitors inquire whether that wonderful ambient scent is also for sale as a body perfume, they are again positively surprised. Sales of the perfume have received a strong boost as a result.
Not only have perfume sales increased, but as a store, Verso has once again managed to stand out strongly from other stores.

Result Not only have sales of the perfume increased, but as a Shop, Verso has once again managed to distinguish itself from other possible pursuers by employing this unique marketing tool. This is another topic that can be talked about, namely the ambient fragrance is also for sale as a perfume. The brand has already grown stronger.
What we used
Ecoscent R1
Eigen parfum als sfeergeur

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