Fragrance machine at home

In today’s time, we would like to be very hygienic at home as well. For this purpose, we offer a very nice home fragrance machine. Your own home fragrance machine: A must-have against Covid-19!

How does your home fragrance machine work?

We offer a beautiful hand dispenser for your home. The unit is very easy to mount on the wall, but it can also stand on a base. When you use the scent machine at home you don’t have to touch anything. Just put your hands under it and you will receive the right amount of disinfection.

Fragrance machine at home

The benefits of our home fragrance machine

Our special home fragrance machine has many advantages. Therefore, this disinfection device is also very widely used. In addition to essential points mentioned above, our home fragrance machine has the following advantages:

  • Fully automatic
  • Suitable against Covid-19!
  • Use the right dose without wasting
  • Hygienic and fast
  • Your floor stays clean
  • Ease of use
  • No towels to change
  • Safe for your family

Fragrance machine at home

The so-called non-touch machine

The most hygienic scenting machine is the one with a non-touch. So you don’t have to touch the device to get the disinfectant liquid on your hands. Just hold your hands under the device and they are completely virus- and bacteria-free.

Order your own home fragrance machine now

Order now through our webshop the hand disinfection device for 95,59 Euro (incl. VAT). It is important to do register on our Scents webshop when purchasing for the home fragrance machine. If you have any questions about the home fragrance machine, please fill out the form below.