Fragrance marketing for businesses: happy customers and more sales

scent marketing

The idea that corporate scent marketing is merely about spreading pleasant scents in stores is a misconception. When scent marketing is properly applied in businesses, it will undoubtedly increase the power of your brand or product.

Moreover, scent marketing has been around much longer than today. Even during the Middle Ages, market vendors were already using scenting techniques to lure customers faster. For example, they sprinkled brine in front of their stall to attract hungry souls.

Project developers use scent marketing

As pioneers, developers made early use of the smell of freshly baked cookies in their model homes. The recognizable and delicious scent made people feel at home faster, resulting in an increased likelihood of a purchase. This success has led brokers worldwide to now use the smell of coffee and pastries when selling homes.

Fragrance marketing for businesses in Belgium

In Belgium, this trend has not been in the spotlight for long, but in the East and the United States it has become almost a matter of course.

Disney was the pioneer among multinationals that recognized the importance of scent marketing. At Disneyworld, all stores use scents that evoke emotions. These scents serve not only to promote conviviality but also to boost sales. People feel better, stay in stores longer and appreciate the products more.

Fragrance marketing companies

The right scent for your business

It is essential to choose the right scent, the one that best matches your brand identity and your target audience. In fact, each fragrance has its own unique character. Orange, for example, can induce joy and cheerfulness, while lavender has a calming effect. Once you find the right scent, a profound connection with your customer is established. Your product or store creates a positive emotional impression that no other sense but the nose can create. So the ultimate scent marketing for businesses also depends on the right choice of scent.

Fragrances in healthcare facilities

Scent marketing, of course, can not only be used commercially, but can also work wonders in the healthcare industry. For example, it can reduce anxiety during a doctor’s visit or in a hospital. In a retirement home, unpleasant odors can disappear and seniors can feel at home again with the smell of coffee, bacon and eggs. This is just a small example of the possibilities of scent marketing for healthcare companies.

Fragrance machines

Emotions and smell

Remember well: the nose is one of the most underrated senses. If you focus only on what people see and hear, you miss the most important thing. Indeed, when you fully commit to scent to promote your brand or cause, it will also have a positive impact on the other senses. As much as 75 percent of our emotions are influenced (unconsciously) by what we smell. When people feel relaxed, beautiful and enticing, they will buy with much more pleasure. Scent marketing in businesses works!

Tell me and I’ll forget
Show me and I’ll understand
Let me smell and I’ll remember


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