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scent marketing

Anyone who thinks that scent marketing companies are just spreading a pleasant scent in a room is thoroughly wrong. If you deploy aroma marketing correctly, it will undoubtedly strengthen your brand or product. By the way, scent marketing companies have been around much longer than today. During the Middle Ages, for example, market vendors threw brine in front of their stalls so that hungry souls would become customers faster.

Fragrance marketing companies used by property developers

Real estate developers were among the first to use the smell of cookies in their model homes. People feel at home much more quickly because of the familiar and delicious smell and therefore proceed more quickly to purchase. As a result of its great success, real estate agents around the world use the smell of coffee and cake when selling homes.

Fragrance marketing companies in Belgium

In Belgium, the trend has not been on the rise for long, but in the East and the USA it is almost a given. Disney was the first multinational to realize the importance of scent marketing companies. At Disneyworld, all stores use scents that evoke emotions. Not only for fun but also to increase sales. People feel better, stay longer in the shop and appreciate the products more.

Fragrance marketing companies

The right scent for scent marketing companies

It is also important to choose the right scent. Just the scent that most appeals to your brand identity and your target audience. After all, each scent has its own individual trait. Orange makes you happy and cheerful, while lavender has a calming effect. Once you find the right scent, it establishes a deep connection with your customer. Your product or store takes on a more positive emotional impression that no other sense but the nose can create. The ultimate scent marketing for businesses also depends on the right scent.

Fragrance marketing in healthcare

Fragrance marketing companies don’t always have to be used commercially, of course. It can also work wonders in the healthcare industry. At a doctor’s office or in a hospital, it can reduce anxiety. In a retirement home, unpleasant odors disappear and old people will feel at home again with the smell of coffee or bacon and eggs. This is just a small anthology on scent marketing.

Fragrance machines

Emotions and smell

But remember, the nose is one of the most underrated senses. If you focus only on what people see and hear then you are missing the most important thing. In fact, commit entirely to scent to promote your brand or business and the positive impact of the other senses just goes up with it. 75 percent of our emotions are determined (unconsciously) by what we smell. Those who feel relaxed, beautiful and enticing buy with much more pleasure. Scent marketing companies work!

Tell me and I’ll forget
Show me and I’ll understand
Let me smell and I’ll remember

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