Fragrance diffusion for the home

Choose your fragrance for your home! With this, you create tranquillity and beauty.

Let’s assume that you are fully convinced of the benefits of scent experience, just as we at Scents have long been. This conviction has led to a significant increase in sales and a focus on experience, allowing us to outpace our competitors. This is all thanks to spreading a pleasant scent that not only fits your brand identity, but reinforces it.

From scent marketing to home fragrances

Now if we apply this philosophy to scent marketing in the private sphere, you might initially think that there are few or no benefits to spreading a pleasant scent in your home. But that is absolutely not true. On the contrary: in fact, using fragrances in your home has numerous positive effects.

The benefits of fragrances in your home

Scenting not only has business benefits, such as outperforming competitors and increasing sales. It also has many benefits on a personal level. A pleasant fragrance can keep customers in a store longer, make them feel happier and therefore generate more purchases. Below we discuss the benefits of home fragrances, including creating comfort and relaxation, welcoming guests, masking unpleasant odors and influencing mood, concentration and productivity.

Peace in your household and head

If you suffer from unpleasant odors in your home, it can cause more stress than you think. When you enter a space where it doesn’t smell good, you automatically feel less at ease. The lack of freshness gives a feeling of uncleanness and creates an atmosphere of disorder. It is therefore essential to find a good balance between the space, the interior, the desired atmosphere and, of course, the fragrance.

When all these elements come together harmoniously and are balanced, it helps you feel more balanced yourself as well. A pleasant fragrance in the home contributes to a sense of well-being and harmony. It creates an environment where you can relax and be yourself, without being distracted by unwanted odors.

It also contributes to a sense of cleanliness and sophistication. It provides a welcoming atmosphere that invites comfort and tranquility. Having a well thought out fragrance in your home is part of creating an overall picture, where all aspects complement each other and contribute to a positive living environment.

So, take the time to choose the right fragrance that suits your personal style and the desired atmosphere in your home. By ensuring a balanced combination of space, interior design, ambiance and fragrance, you will find that you feel more balanced and can enjoy a pleasant living environment.

A scent in the home helps

It is important to prevent or deal with a not-so-clean teenager’s room, a nasty “pit odor” or a musty smell in your living room as soon as possible. Fortunately, there are simple solutions to help you with this quickly and easily, such as a neutral air freshener and a small scent device. Adding a pleasant scent to your home can make a big difference and is easy to manage.

important: Don’t just try to mask foul odors, address the cause of the problem by eliminating the source of the unpleasant odor. Then, of course, you can add a pleasant scent to the room.

Remember when..

“Perfume is the art that makes your memories speak.” Pancake smell

We often use this quote at Scents because it captures the essence of scent marketing in one sentence. Because your sense of smell is the only one of the five senses directly connected to your brain, smell has a close relationship with memories.

The smell of freshly baked pancakes instantly takes you back to your childhood, as you often ate them at your grandmother’s house. The smell of your old school, when you return after years, evokes nostalgic memories of your teenage years.

A home fragrance as a solution

These examples clearly show how much of an impression scent makes on us, even without our conscious thought. In a world full of moving images and loud noises, we rarely train our noses. Smell often gets less attention. And that is precisely where the power of scent marketing lies.

You can also apply that in domestic settings. Evoking happy memories through scent can also take place at home. You don’t necessarily have to constantly scent your grandmother’s perfume, but small, temporary elements can already make a big difference.

A scent in the home can absolutely make all the difference. It can evoke a sense of warmth, comfort and joy, taking you right back to those special moments of the past.

By consciously choosing scents that evoke positive emotions and memories, you can create a harmonious and pleasant atmosphere in your home. It is a simple way to treat yourself and your loved ones to a sense of well-being and happiness, just by adding a touch of fragrance.

A good feeling

Scents affect your mood, so a pleasant home fragrance makes you feel good. Period. Who doesn’t want to come home and plop down on the couch after a stressful day in a fragrant house? The right scent can help reduce stress: consider, for example, the soothing scent of lavender, widely known for its calming effect. Home is where we unwind and re-energize. Therefore, tantalizing all your senses is definitely not a luxury here.

Moreover, it undoubtedly makes you feel good when your guests notice the smell and compliment you on it.

How do I choose a home fragrance?

It is essential to choose a scent for your home that creates a certain atmosphere that you and your fellow residents are comfortable with. Scents can evoke strong positive or negative associations because they are an important part of our memories.

In addition, you can also select a home perfume based on your interior. For example, imagine a warm and cozy interior, with lots of wood and red accents à la Gert Voorjans. Such an interior calls for a warm, full-bodied fragrance.

If your interior is sleek and modern, it is advisable to choose a home fragrance that matches it. Consider a fresher, subtler scent. Of course you can experiment with this, as scents and colors are very personal and not an exact science. Feel free to try a bold combination, such as a heavier men’s fragrance in a playful Parisian interior.

A third way to choose a nice home fragrance is based on a theme, for example. Try bringing an authentic Christmas fragrance into your home to get totally into the Christmas spirit. Or keep it simple and opt for a lovely floral scent in spring.

House Smell

How to diffuse scents in your home?

There are several ways to diffuse a scent in your home. We are all familiar with the famous fragrance sticks or reed diffusers. This is certainly a good option, but it is important to place enough of them. You often see people proudly placing a beautiful bottle on the mantelpiece in the center of their living room. This is nice, but if the first floor is, say, 50m² and divided by doors or walls, you will hardly smell the fragrance on the other side of the room. Therefore, try to place several reed diffusers in the room so that you have a good scent experience everywhere.

Another more original and often better option is to use a fragrance appliance in the home. This allows you to scent a larger area. You probably have enough with just one device to spread a consistently pleasant scent in your home.

A third option is to use a cream spray.

Find your home appliance!

tip: Don’t go overboard with scents. It is enough to use one or at most two different scents. It’s still your home, not a perfume store.

What fragrances are suitable to use at home?

We created a top five home fragrances. These are widely used, and provide a pleasant scent in the home:

  • White Tea: A fresh, subtle fragrance with a hint of vanilla.
  • Saint Honoré: Hip, trendy, sultry perfume
  • Earl Grey: Fresh, fruity with a warm aftertaste
  • Secret Desire: Soft, fresh stylish perfume
  • Bochic: Soft, soothing, fresh fragrance

Smell creates a certain atmosphere. The right home fragrance brings peace to your interior and consequently to your mind. A scent can evoke memories that you yourself didn’t remember having & last but not least; your guests will definitely appreciate it too.
A blissful scent for your home may not directly get you a fatter wallet, but it will make you feel more comfortable and can give you the strength to make every day a success.

Try it yourself and notice the difference.

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