The benefits of scent marketing

Scent marketing is a marketing strategy that capitalises on people’s sense of smell. A sense that you can’t just turn off. For businesses, there are many benefits to scent marketing. Both for the company itself and for customers and employees.


Benefits of scent marketing in different sectors

Olfactory marketing can be used in any sector. From retail to hospitality, events, garages, office spaces and more. It is important to note that the benefits and effects may differ in each sector.

A lot depends on exactly what you want to achieve. Of course, the overall picture also has to be right. Therefore, it is vital to diffuse the right fragrance with the right fragrance appliance for your specific space.

Too high or low intensity causes the benefits to be lost and you experience less positive effects. Want to make sure everything is right down to the last detail? Then work with a specialist company to deploy scent experience.

Fragrance marketing for more sales

For many businesses, this is undoubtedly the biggest benefit of scent marketing: it increases your sales. And that can be as much as 20%! Of course, this depends on several factors and the entire marketing strategy needs to be on point.

How does scent marketing increase your sales? By using scents cleverly, you can influence customers’ buying behaviour. First of all, a pleasant smell makes customers stay in the store longer, which significantly increases the chances of making a purchase.

Scents influence emotions, evoke memories, … all this can make customers feel more comfortable in the space and feel more connection with the brand and products. And someone who feels satisfied and comfortable buys more.

In addition, you can use fragrances strategically to increase sales of specific products. In a supermarket, the smell of chocolate, strawberries or freshly baked bread can cause these products to sell more. As customers smell the product, they are immediately reminded how much they like the product. This will make them more likely to purchase the products.

Strengthening brand identity and positioning

Another advantage of scent marketing is that it allows you to strengthen your brand’s identity and positioning in the market. Link a fragrance to your brand!

Scents evoke memories. For instance, certain scents probably make you immediately think back to your childhood or a fun holiday. This way, with scent, you also ensure that people think of your brand or company when they smell the scent of your business, or one similar to it. People are 100x more likely to remember something when they have smelled it, versus when they have only seen or felt it.

This is also the ideal way to set yourself apart from your competitors. What makes people prefer your business over your competitor’s? Right, in your shop it smells great!

Do you really want to take this advantage all the way? Then have your own brand fragrance developed! One that you won’t find anywhere else and that fits your business completely.

Returning, satisfied customers

Customers are more likely to return to a shop where they had a pleasant experience. Smell, of course, is also part of this. Create a pleasant environment for your customers and/or visitors so they feel at ease. The next time they need your product or service, they will be more likely to return instead of going to the competition. Provided, of course, that your product or service also met their expectations, of course. Therefore, this is a big advantage to scent marketing.

Improve employee concentration and mood

By using scent in the office, you can ensure that your employees feel more energetic, happier and can concentrate better. This enhances the working atmosphere and the work they deliver. If that’s not a nice benefit of scent marketing!

Certain scents are known to aid concentration. Think lemon, lime, lavender, mint, eucalyptus, … A touch of these scents in the office space can make a big difference.

Tip: our sample mix “Master your mind” is packed with these fragrances!


Test it yourself

As you can see, there are many benefits to scent marketing. Would you like to experience these for yourself? That’s possible! With our test month, you can spend one month testing whether scent marketing is for you.

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