Scent marketing
for companies

Discover how scent marketing adds value to your business and customers. Provide them with an optimal visit with scent experience.

The benefits

The benefits of scent marketing for businesses are numerous. You can use scent marketing in any industry. From small retail to large retail chain, from restaurant to festival.

Wondering what scent marketing can do for your business?

Strengthen brand experience

Take your brand experience to the next level.

Increase sales

Increase your sales, up to 20%.

Strengthen brand positioning

Strengthen the position of your brand.

Building customer loyalty

Build the relationship with and trust of your customers.

Discover olfactif marketing

for companies

Professional fragrance appliances

With a professional fragrance appliance, you spread scent in a room. Our devices are powerful, quiet and easy to operate. In rooms with air conditioning, you can connect the scent device to it.

The type of device depends on the size of the room. Thus, we have devices for small and large companies, as well as for (outdoor) events.

The fragrance device works according to a preset program. That way you consume odor only when it is needed. For example, according to the opening hours of your business.

About scents

Scents has been the market leader in Belgium for more than 15 years in scent marketing. Our fragrance experts will help you choose the perfect scent and the appropriate device for your business. Our expert team of technicians ensures that your devices are always performing at their best.

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Fragrance choice

What fragrance fits your store?


From A to Z.


Replenishment, overhaul and repairs.

Happy customers

Kevin B.

Quality combined with service. We are satisfied and already customers with 2 issues. Fragrance experience at the highest level. User-friendly.

Optiek Van Ommeslaeghe

Scents is always on standby. The fragrances are delivered quickly. They always keep you informed if fragrances need to be replenished or if settings need to be adjusted. Customers also find that it always smells good in our optical store. In short, a very good service! We are very satisfied and recommend Scents to everyone!

Erwin D. C.

Professional scent marketing company with dedicated and fun staff. I have known the company for 7 years now and still enjoy working with them. Highly recommended.

Ray d. D.

Very satisfied with the device. After buying several other brands ended up with scents. First device that actually does what it promises! Very friendly people and always ready to help you. Highly recommended!

Johan H.

Didn’t expect customers to notice this so hard. Every week we get questions about whether they can also order this…. Once when we change scents, customers ask “if anything has changed. Very satisfied!!!

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