With the right fragrance experience much more sales!

The most modern way of marketing is scent marketing. Through the right scent experience, you can ensure that more sales will come. In fact, it has been proven that as much as 20% more sales can be realized through an optimal fragrance experience. In any case, it is clear that there are opportunities that by offering the right scent, the customer will respond (subconsciously).

The fragrance experts at Scents, market leader of fragrance marketing in Belgium, will be happy to tell you all about the right fragrance experience.

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Our fragrance experience creates new opportunities

Research has shown that by using a good perception of smell, the overall atmosphere in buildings can be greatly positively changed. Not to mention an unpleasant odor that must be eliminated. Because a negative odor quickly creates a sense of insecurity, and it obviously needs to be neutralized as soon as possible. But the very places where there is no special fragrance experience yet offer a lot of opportunities.

Good fragrance experience

Provide a stronger sense of security and encourage the cleanliness of the environment

A fresh and clean environment provides a sense of security. And that’s why the right scent experience also plays an important role. Special other effects can also be attributed to the right fragrance experience. A nice example is that the right scent makes one less minded to wait a long time. This is used in public transportation, for example.   Pleasant fragrances immediately create sympathy and intensify the experience.   They stimulate a spontaneous, positive purchasing decision, increase recognition or have a neutralizing effect. There are fragrance solutions for almost every situation.

What to expect from our fragrance experience:

  • Provides a heightened sense of security

  • Creates fresher and cleaner public spaces

  • The wait feels less long

Scent Marketing

Fragrance experience with scent devices

Our scent marketing consists of a unique scent experience   which can ultimately provide up to 20% more sales. But how does this method of marketing work? We are happy to explain how our scent marketing can work well for your industry as well. Our fragrance appliances provide the perfect diffusion of your chosen perfume. And, of course, our fragrance experts will help you choose the right scent. But also to place your fragrance device in the right place and, of course, set it up perfectly. And then you and your customers can enjoy a unique fragrance experience!

Who are we?

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How does scent perception work?

In our homes, we already do a lot of perfuming. Nowadays, more and more companies are using scent marketing. You encounter it in the hospitality, retail and healthcare industries. But more and more industries are also discovering the benefits of a positive scent experience. Practice shows that employees, customers and patients fully appreciate the new fragrance experience.

What is scent marketing?

Fragrance is a powerful seducer and also a strong leader

The scent you smell affects how you feel. Therefore, scent marketing has become an important component in many industries.   Scent directs us in a quiet, incisive way and creates moods, beautiful moments and creates a specific unique memory.

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Scents, the leader in scent marketing

For more than 10 years, Scents has provided the best scent marketing for very many stores, businesses and households. As an industry leader, we have proven to have the best fragrance experts in the business. Together with different types of fragrance appliances and hundreds of different scents, we can serve everyone in the best way possible. Our scent marketing offers the ultimate scent solution for any business.

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How do you increase your sales through scent perception?

In commercial communications, more than 80% focus on our eyes. This is another reason that touch, taste, smell and sound are used to a lesser extent in marketing. Only forgotten is that three-quarters of our emotions are determined by what we smell. If it smells nice somewhere, we simply feel more comfortable, which increases your sales.

Because when we feel comfortable, we want to stay somewhere longer. And if we are somewhere longer, we are much more likely to spend more. Research shows that you can increase your sales by using a good scent experience.

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Beautiful examples of scent perception

Over the years, we have helped hundreds of different clients from a variety of industries create more sales. Through our experience, we can certainly help with this as well.   To get a concrete idea of what scent marketing can do for you, we have collected some successful cases by sector that were guided by Scents.

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Feel free to inquire about our products with no obligation and find out if we can do something for you too. Our fragrance experience also applies to the specific target groups:

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