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Scent marketing is a modern approach to marketing that focuses on creating scent experiences. Research has shown that providing an optimal fragrance experience can lead to a significant increase in sales, up to 20%. Clearly, offering the right scent can influence the customer (subconsciously).

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Fragrance experience creates new opportunities

Extensive research shows that actively creating a pleasant scent experience can bring about significant positive changes in the overall atmosphere of buildings. This is not just about removing unpleasant odors, which can immediately create a sense of insecurity and therefore need to be neutralized quickly. Of course, we also focus on locations that do not yet have a specific scent experience, because there is an abundance of opportunity there.

By purposefully investing in a carefully curated fragrance experience in these places, companies and organizations can realize the full potential of the spaces. Indeed, a pleasant fragrance can create a sense of well-being and comfort, making visitors feel more relaxed and at ease. This, in turn, improves the overall experience of customers or guests and even has a positive impact on their state of mind.

It is essential to emphasize that implementing scent perception is not just about masking unpleasant odors, but primarily about actively influencing people’s mood and emotions. Through strategic scent marketing, organizations can create a unique identity and leave a lasting impression on their visitors.

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Encouraging safety and cleanliness

A fresh and clean environment contributes to a sense of security. Therefore, the right fragrance experience plays an important role. Moreover, there are specific effects associated with an appropriate fragrance experience. An interesting example of this is that the right scent makes people less bothered by long waits, as applied in public transportation. Pleasant scents immediately elicit sympathy and enhance the experience. They encourage spontaneous and positive purchasing decisions, increase recognition and have a neutralizing effect. There are fragrance solutions for almost every situation.

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Fragrance marketing with scent devices

How exactly does this form of marketing work? Our fragrance appliances provide a perfect diffusion of your chosen scent. Of course, our fragrance experts will also assist you in selecting the right scent. Our team of technicians place the scent device in the correct location and ensure accurate adjustment. That way, both you and your customers can enjoy a unique fragrance experience!

How do you increase your sales through scent perception?

In commercial communications, the emphasis is often on visual aspects, with more than 80% of attention focused on our eyes. As a result, touch, taste, smell and sound are often used less in marketing. However, it is often overlooked that our emotions are largely influenced by smell – namely three-quarters of them. A pleasant fragrance has a direct impact on our well-being, resulting in an increase in sales.

When a space smells pleasant, we automatically feel more comfortable, leading to a prolonged stay. And when we spend longer somewhere, we are more likely to spend more money. Research has shown that using a good scent experience can actually increase sales.

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Proven examples of scent perception

Over the years, we have helped several clients from a variety of industries create more sales. To get a concrete idea of what scent marketing can do for you, we have collected some successful cases that were guided by Scents.

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