The Smell Machine: Everything you need to know in 2024

In this article, you’ll discover everything you need to know about our scent marketing. We also discuss the types of scent diffusers currently available to apply scent marketing.

Whether you are looking for a scent machine for a particular room, a nice scent in your store or for home use, we are happy to help.

We are happy to explain the operation of various types of existing machines.

Fragrance machine

An overview:

  1. What exactly is a Fragrance Machine?
  2. How does a professional Scent device work?
  3. What are the fragrance device types?
  4. On the technical aspects of Odor Systems
  5. About the home fragrance device
  6. About scent devices for events

Although the scent machine seems like a simple technology, there are some difficult hurdles to overcome to bring the ideal scent device to market. Our scent systems are very popular.

Not only the solidity and durability play a big role here, but also the technology used, the appearance, the size, the noise level, programmable or not and the controllability of the fragrance intensity.

What is the Fragrance Machine?

Fragrance machines are devices used to subtly diffuse strategically chosen scents throughout a commercial space.

So this is a physical marketing tool to apply scent marketing. We have several professional fragrance diffusers.

The fragrances themselves are composed by fragrance experts, in consultation with the customer. Which fragrances are chosen depends on your own brand and is based on its own specific values, rational and emotional factors. This is where the service and professionalism of your supplier plays an important role. Note: This is the basics of scent marketing. We therefore recommend that you be very well informed when choosing a supplier.

The chosen fragrance is entered as a liquid into the professional fragrance machine. After which, the fragrance device atomizes, vaporizes or atomizes this liquid for subsequent diffusion.

You have a wide range of options for using professional scent diffusers. Which one you actually need depends on the area of application. and type of commercial space.

After all, scent systems can be used anywhere. Then we are talking about airports, restaurants, theme parks, fitness clubs, clothing stores, shopping centers, outdoor events, hotels, funeral homes, interior design stores, furniture stores, secondhand stores, optical stores, real estate, electrical stores to theaters, parking garages etc….

Want to know more about this? We also wrote a blog post on the impact of fragrances in stores.

Also, the intensity of fragrances is adjustable and professional fragrance machines are always programmable.

Our professional fragrance diffusers

A fragrance diffuser causes a fragrance in liquid phase to transition to the vapor phase.

Professional scent diffusers require electricity to do so.

In addition, the hours of operation should be programmable and the intensity should be adjustable.

There are stand-alone units (plug and play) and there are professional fragrance units that connect to the air conditioning or ventilation system. For devices for outdoor use, a fan should always be integrated.

The most optimal and accurate way to adjust intensity is the digital method. Ideal for a scent machine in the hospitality industry, for example.

Scent appliances

No space is too small or too large to do scent marketing. Both restrooms and event halls can be used in this way to incorporate scent marketing. Even outdoor scent marketing can be done. Then we mainly talk about scent marketing during events.

How does a scent machine work?

There are 3 techniques for achieving the transition from liquid to vapor. These are:

1. atomization,

2. the evaporation

3. atomization.

This sequence also illustrates the size of the molecule you develop in vapor phase. The smaller the molecule the more refined the fragrance experience will be. Also, the latter method is the most economical because odor consumption is the lowest here.

1. Atomization

fragrance atomization fragrance machine

These are most commonly encountered on toilet units.

They work with aerosols and realize a wet droplet cloud. The idea is that the droplets evaporate before landing on the ground.

They also make a little noise when atomized, but can be used equally well in scent marketing.

Especially when you use more surprising fresh scents in restrooms you give added value to visitors. So not so much Lavender, orange or lemon, but rather masculine or feminine perfumes. “Bubblegum” scent, cola scent or a cherry or peach scent, for example.

The cost of these devices is very low, so doing scent marketing in the washrooms in this way is very approachable.

However, no less important for that. To give an example, a large number of people go specifically to the restrooms in a restaurant to get an affirmation that the restaurant is well cared for and sound. The experience of this usually reflects the quality and cleanliness of the kitchen. I therefore recommend that all hospitality owners pay extra attention to this. The more special and exclusive the restaurant, the more important that is a “special treatment” in the washrooms.

Consequently, this is a strong marketing tool to increase the perception of quality, cleanliness and creativity.

2. Evaporation

evaporation fragrance machine

Like rain falling on the ground and evaporating afterwards, a fragrance appliance can accomplish the same thing, specifically evaporating perfume droplets naturally.

In this case, the perfume should be made alcohol-based for easy evaporation.

The intensity is then controlled by a fan placed above the vaporizing liquid. By running the fan slower or faster, along with delivering more or fewer droplets under the fan, you develop less or more odor intensity.

Additional adjustability can be obtained by dripping the fragrance liquid onto a heated plate. The higher temperature of the liquid allows for easier evaporation.

This method of scent marketing devices was the most common until the 2010s. From then on, mist-based fragrance devices made great inroads. Reason…see below

3. Atomization

atomization fragrance system

The atomization devices also realize a transition from fragrance liquids to the vaporization phase.

However, this is done in a way where the droplets in the vapor phase are the smallest and most subtle.

To achieve this, a compressor with air pressure should be integrated. This compressor pushes air through a diffuser that in turn effects atomization.

It was precisely this compressor that caused the atomization scent devices to make their rise only when the scent devices could be properly insulated against noise.

We are talking about the years 2010. Previously, scent marketing was accomplished purely through evaporation and atomization scent devices.

Evaporators also continue to be used, although commissioning is in steep decline.

The most professional fragrance marketing companies are increasingly using the atomization devices because of a better controllability in intensity and a completely constant fragrance, regardless of whether the fragrance bottle is filled 90% or 10%.

About the home fragrance device

If you want a professional fragrance appliance, but want to use it for your home, it is helpful that you consider the points below:

It is very important that you deploy a noiseless device. Usually in your home, unlike in commercial spaces, music is not on all the time. The slightest sound can quickly become distracting

The “design” of the device is also an important aspect

Be careful not to buy an overly large device. Since rooms in a home are generally smaller than commercial spaces, you also need a much less powerful pump and thus a smaller unit will more than suffice.

Prices are much lower for a home device

As a base, I recommend that you look for a device for your home that is designed specifically for this purpose. Professional fragrance appliances are usually too large and powerful for a private home.

Are you looking for a fragrance for your home? Read our article!

About scent devices for Events

Fragrance devices for events

When the application of scent marketing serves for outdoor use, there are some additional aspects to keep in mind.

In any case, you should take into account that when there is a lot of wind and rain, it is extra difficult to do scent marketing efficiently. Rain causes the odor to be pushed down in vapor phase by the raindrops. The effect is then virtually zero.

When high winds are present, it is possible to do scent sensing, but extra attention must be paid to the location of the scent device. Indeed, when the wind comes from the east, you should naturally place the scent machine to the east of the entrance. When the wind would turn, you need to move the scent device. It sounds logical, but if there is no person designated to do this who is solely responsible for the fragrance appliances, then this will not be moved and you will miss a unique opportunity to give an experience that will be remembered.

Not forgetting that power must then also be provided on the other side of the entrance at this event and a pole to secure the scent device against theft.

The fragrance device must also be able to withstand rain. This is not always easy since we are talking about electrical appliances that are mostly manufactured for indoor use.

A powerful fan is also required to still be a little resistant to any wind.

When we are talking about events that take place worldwide, the scent devices should best be stackable in a container for transportation.

There are also continents that operate with 110 volts instead of 220 volts as we do in Europe. A changeover switch is then not an unnecessary luxury.


Professional scent machines are the physical tool for scent marketing.

You have 3 different types of professional fragrance diffusers at your disposal:

1. Atomization

2. Evaporation

3. Atomization

Fragrance marketing systems are still undergoing monthly improvements with technology still being refined. This provides more precise control of atomization. Especially the sound the scent device makes, the design and the size of the professional scent device itself are regularly improved.

A space is never too big to do scent marketing. Depending on the capacity of the fragrance appliance and the size of the room to be supplied with fragrance, several appliances may be placed in a room.

The 2 basic elements in a professional fragrance diffuser are the compressor (pump) and the digital card to do programming. The quality of both determine the quality (and durability) of the fragrance machine, for example, for the hospitality industry.

Its design is a secondary aspect and, of course, does not affect the quality and durability of the fragrance system.

If ventilation or Air Conditioning is present, I prefer a scent machine connected to it. However, this can only be done when there is a continuous air flow in the ventilation/air conditioning system.

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