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Very many stores now use scent marketing. And this is no mean feat, as it has been proven that you can increase sales by as much as 20% through good scent marketing. The fragrance diffuser store plays an essential role in this regard. It is important to know which fragrance diffuser you need in your store. And, of course, the choice of fragrance also plays an important role.

We can help you make the right choice for your fragrance appliance, including a suitable scent.

Fragrance diffuser store

What is the right store scent diffuser?

The scent diffuser electric for your store comes in many shapes and sizes. Because we have more than 10 years of experience, and have helped more than 1000 customers, we are confident we can find the right scent diffuser store for you. Our scent experts also know exactly what scents are needed for optimal scent marketing. The fragrances themselves are composed by fragrance experts, in consultation with the customer. Which fragrances are chosen depends on your own brand and is based on its own specific values, rational and emotional factors.

Fragrance diffuser store: for subtly diffusing the right scent

Our scent diffusers electric are devices for subtly diffusing strategically chosen scents throughout a commercial space. So this is a physical marketing tool to apply scent marketing. The chosen fragrance is entered as a liquid in the professional fragrance diffuser store. After which the fragrance diffuser atomizes, vaporizes or atomizes this liquid for subsequent diffusion.

We have the best scent diffusers that provide increased sales.

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Where can you use the fragrance diffuser store?

Our fragrance diffuser store can be used anywhere. The store is very logical and easily applicable. But you can also find our scent diffusers in airports, restaurants, theme parks, fitness clubs, shopping centers, outdoor events, hotels, funeral homes to theaters, parking garages, etc.

How does a professional fragrance diffuser work?

A fragrance diffuser store causes a fragrance in liquid phase to change to the vapor phase. Professional fragrance diffusers require electricity to do so. In addition, the hours of operation should be programmable and the intensity should be adjustable. There are stand-alone units (plug and play) and there are professional fragrance diffusers store that are connectable to the air conditioning or ventilation system.

scent diffuser

The right fragrance diffuser electric for you too

We have the best fragrance diffuser store for you.

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